The Haematology Team carries out complete blood counts (CBCs), blood smear examinations by microscopy, and coagulation analysis

  • CBCs are generated using the Sysmex XT2000i analyser which uses techniques such as impedence and a variety of flow cytometry methods to reliably differentiate between each cell type, including a 5-part differential leukocyte count
  • Blood smears are made for every whole blood specimen submitted in EDTA. Smears are stained using a modified Wright's stain before being examined by a fully trained Veterinary Biomedical Scientist specialising in Haematology
  • Coagulation analysis is performed on the Sysmex CA660 coagulation analyser which is highly sensitive for testing PT, aPTT & fibrinogen
  • Microscopy is used to screen urine sediment for epithelial and inflammatory cells, bacteria and fungi, crystals and casts
  • Other tests carried out by the Haematology Team include canine blood grouping, canine Coombe's test & in-saline agglutination test.